Pricing Structure Introduction


Our pricing structure is considerably different than that of the norm. It is designed to be fair to both parties involved. Instead of a general one price fits all square footage or square yardage rate. We charge according to the individual nature of each job. Every job is different so too should be the number at the bottom line. Our system protects us from cost and time over runs, it also protects consumers from exorbitant charges for simple jobs and insures that more difficult jobs are not rushed. It is an aid in scheduling as well, as it gives us a realistic understanding of the time involved for each project.


 Our system accounts for virtually all factors involved in a job. It even allows consumers many options to save themselves money by either doing some of the work themselves or by hiring a handy person. Without the modern convenience of computers I would have to admit  that this pricing structure would not be feasible. I have constructed a price list that incorporates photos as a visual aid, you can click on some of these photos to gain insight or knowledge about that particular subject.


 The menu on the left column contains links to our prices of the various services we offer.